Life without mobile

Life without mobile

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Years back, When we consider the lifestyle of a man or a woman it is very clear and precised, all the asperities are understood by just looking at but now there lies a sense of complexity and error all around and the reason no doubt is mobile. i strongly condemn the notion that says that mobile phones are being used only for the professional and social purposes. For social purposes if we say then yes but in a negative sense. Mobile is something that is a complete package of mental failure, intellectual distortion and social fall. All its applications are no doubt useful but today they are misused in most of the ways and most of the time. We can just think of the Fluidity that we are facing but no one is trying to sort out the additive problems.

A nice post. Keep it up. Agree with your point. Life will be little bit simple without mobile.

mobile i like a drug.for our new generation.but it is the very necessary thing in our lives..thanks for sharing ..keep it up dear.

nice article dear...dear friend kia ap bta skty han k hum 1 din ma chillkey per kitny article post kr skty han ?? kindly mere article per comment kr k btadain...,,,,,??

Mobiles have gripped whole world and it is very difficult to survice without this small device...

ye shaqib he imtasal???????? bht aaalaaaaa pic he yarrrr,,,,bilkul nai pehchan paya tha bht soc k bad samaj agaya................wese nice post.....,,,,keep it up.............