Stay away from people who talk about others

Stay away from people who talk about others

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Some people like i say are big mouths, they will talk about anything as long as they are opening their mouths, There is a saying that says, feed your mouth first before you empty your mouth and i totally agree with it, don't just talk about anything just for the sake of talking, speak sense, have ears and listen, digest and think about what you say and don't be fond of speaking about other people in a negative way. If you yoke yourself with people who talk about other people, its a matter of time and you get to talking about other people without minding what you say.

Absolutely right, there is a saying that it is better to stay quite instead of talking nonsense.

Be happy and live others happy too. Don't interfere on others life. its not the right of anyone to say anything about others

this is true. we should stay with people who only know how to do gossips. be with people who will encourage us and stay with us