Blood is thicker than water

Blood is thicker than water

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Last week we went to Diwait. It is a place here in Zamboanga del Norte. The brother of my mother lives there so that is why we are going to visit them. Not only that, we also went there because it’s my cousin’s wedding and fiesta in there Barangay. It’s a two hour travel from our house to their place via rural. It is quite far from our house that is why we were obliged to travel at 3 o’clock in the morning so that we will reach their place at 5 o’clock.

It was my first time to go to Diwait that is why I am very excited that time. Also, I will going to meet my cousins that I haven’t seen for a year. Though, apart of me don’t want to come for personal reason but my mother told me to come because my uncle asked asked her that as much as possible he wants to see us in the wedding of her son. Even if, I don’t have enough sleep I still woke up 2 o’clock in the morning last Saturday to prepare everything I need and went to the terminal.

We sat in the front set beside the driver so that we will not get lost because we really don’t know where that place. My mother just told us to stop by the second waiting shed in that Barangay. God is good because we got there without having trouble and were safe. The place is far from what I thought it is but being there makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. It feels like I am just at home. I was touched by how welcome we are and how well they entertained us.

It was a mass wedding that is why we’re not able to attend the ceremony because it started 4 o’clock in the morning and we reached there at 5 o’clock. We’re one hour late. We just waited in their house and just helped prepare so when the groom and bride comes the food will be ready to serve. It’s just a simple wedding and a simple celebration but what matters most was the people who went there. As long as the family from both sides is there to celebrate, it’s worth it. In my side, big or small celebration doesn't matter. What’s important is that we have food to eat and share with and we’re complete.

The celebration ended at 11 o’clock. That’s the time our family was gathered together to talked about the upcoming family reunion. I can’t control not to laughed at my cousins funny suggestions on where and what are the games to be present in that day. Honestly, I can’t wait any longer for that upcoming reunion. I am very excited for that day because that means we will see each other and bond again. No matter how tired we are from their wedding preparations we’re able to smile and laughed like there’s no tomorrow. I can’t control myself from taking pictures because I really treasured the moments right there. I smile every time I view the captured moments. Especially when I know that all the smile from the people’s face really came from their heart. It’s a priceless moments I know I can’t go back with but as long as I can still remember it clearly in my mind it still feels like I am still in that moment once again.

Well said; I agree. It is also very nice to see that you enjoyed the whole programme.

yes, the memories are worth keeping @Bulandi I know I can't go back with it again at least I have a picture of those memories in my head