quality education its importance

quality education its importance

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Quality education is important for today’s world, now days many of graduated students are increasing in number after they complete their degree they are wondering because they have no job, due to these graduated some students become hopelessness , upcoming generation are become hopeless and they are not hardworking they already know that they will not get a job in future, but it is not a realistic because today’s most of graduated do not have a qualities education because if we have qualitative education then we will get job in government organization if we can’t get in government then there are so many non- governmental organization, we should not be hopelessness, if we have qualitative education Inshallah we will have so many opportunities to qualitative job

Another reason that people do not get a job because they do not have any references to show at the interviews.

Right one should continue his education in anyway. Our govt is offering new jobs so no need disappoint.

if we have a talent then don't need any reference to show. we can do any thing by exposure by talent, and hard working don't need any references