Weather is Changing Now

Weather is Changing Now

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After the most cold winter this season finally the weather is changing now. No more heavy leather jackets now on bike drive. This winter season has been the most cold winter compared with past many years in Pakistan.

In the last part of December winter has been so cold to affect the general life of people. And the gas load shedding added the worst to the situation. No warm water for bath and no warmth of heater in rooms.

People in wood business earned lot of profit through selling wood at a very high price. I remember the saying of my friend that 'everyone gets it time pointing to this high profit.'

Come to the main point of weather changing here, this change should be dealt with care because many people have health issues during changing weather.

Good Luck for Your Better Health.

Yes there is the smell of spring in the air now here in my area. I am also from Pakistan. It seems you are also from pakistan.

yes you are right when there is change in weather then care is also compulsory for good health

@Arshad MahmoodAzam. Yes I am also from Pakistan and I think majority of the people here on are from Pakistan.