Some Suggestions Regarding the Post Editor

Some Suggestions Regarding the Post Editor

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Well, I had made my mind to leave this site after just one post but finally i convince myself to write the second one. My main purpose for writing this post is to make some suggestions to the administration about the post editor here on because i found it very odd and basic one.

When I was writing my first post I have some serious trouble with the editor first of all there is no text editor functionality added here and copy paste from our own editor is also not allowed. My whole post had gone into vain just due to some internet refresh. Here below the post editor it is written to backup our post but how can we back it if we cannot even copy from here.

Allowing the copy paste does not mean to allow the content copying from somewhere it mean that the writer should be able to write the post in his or her own text editor like MS word and then simply paste here for convenience and this is the only way how we can backup our original post in a good manner.

Dear Administration much improvements are needed in post editor so that a common person would be able to write the post easily and quickly.

I had problems making my first post too but that was way back... I don't have any problems anymore.