Companies are Launching Bar Phones Again

Companies are Launching Bar Phones Again

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When the boom of mobile industry started there were more bar phones in the market than touch smart phones because smart phones were much expensive. Only a rich class of people was able to buy smart phones at that time. Then suddenly Qmobile and some other Chinese companies introduced low priced smart phones. These low priced smart phones were in the buying range of even lower middle income group. Then a boom started for smart phones and android became the most popular system for these.

But you will agree with me that everyone is not interested in smart phones. Some people just don't want any complexity in their phones because they have even more complicated life. These people just want a mobile that is capable of calling or messaging or even just calling because they don't need more than that. Majority of these people just buy simple Nokia bar phones.

I have noticed in past few days that companies are taking interest again in launching simple bar phones again. Recently Samsung introduced some simple bar phones priced in range of 5000-10000.

But there is another aspect of this industry that many people buy phones just for the sake of desired satisfaction rather than need. These people buy expensive smart phones not for their need but just for fulfilling their desire.

Companies are now more interested in launching "Feature Phones". Many companies are doing it... including Qmobile, Voice & Samsung.