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Hi guys today i am write some words about the chillkey earning the chillkey earning about the post is so low no one can interested because of very low earning thats why alot of my own friends dont want to join this site and it also required alot of time and at the end a very little amount paid thats why the interest quality is so low thats why many people not want to join and if some one join they disheart so i request to the chillkey team if they want to join every one like bubblew site they must increase the earning price me and my friends so interested in this site but today i disheart because i join this site and very heard working last 5 days and earn just 8 rupees and also dont knew about how many people in my friends list so please update the site and increase the earning level so this site in boom in next few days.....................

thanks for comment dear but i don't know about your comment what you write mean is which language any how thanks have a nice day /...........................

Nice post dear! and like and comment back to my Post Please...................................

The earnings are low because of the spammers. If you stick to the website today you will be successful tomorrow.

This quite new website it will take some time to get its position. Just keep writing it will be improved In Sha Allah

Nice post bhai jan You are right this website giving us so low cash but its nice na

if they give 30% om every one like, comment and view then its rating will 100% and rank will well.