My first Post Here...

My first Post Here...

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Hello my chillkey fellows,How are you?
Hope you all are fine and have a good day!
I am glad to see a Pakistani site which is i think first paid to write site in Pakistan.
The layout seems to be good and attractive.
Moreover it is easy to use.
But the important thing is that how much and did it site pays??to its users because a lot of scam sites are running but i personally waited for this site launch because it seems to be legit.
The team is working from many months to make a successful launch of this site.
Also the site can also be use by the foreign users,but it is unavailable at the moment,hope that international users can join soon
I have many foreign friends,and i will sure ask them to join this site if chillkey pays and pays on time.
Thanks for reading

I myslef have been supper excited for the launch of Chillkey. Now that it is finally here I can't wait for the web version. Look forward to reading more from you.

Yeah jaffy site is very exciting..i am very much reluctant to write more and quality stuff

Welcome you to this site,I hope this site succeeds soon.hehe happy writing stay blessed