Back After Long Time!!!

Back After Long Time!!!

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Hey buddies,How are you?
Hope That You all are enjoying Best Of your Times!
Today I am happy To see this platform with a lot Of improvements,Because In starting days there were few drawbacks.. Like less paying rates Plus a lot of spamming Posts were written By members.
But now I think Site is improved A lot and i can see a lot of changes In the site Like payout rates have Improved Plus I cant see any spamming Posts which is a very Good Thing.
I am very much excited To write More on this site and invite My friends also.
Also I would like to Know If this site is paying OR NOT?? please Let me Know??

Welcome back dear. Have a nice time. Many things took place during your absence. I read somewhere about successful payment. I have never clicked withdraw button yet though I have sufficient balance.

The site is paying as I got my first payment some months ago. So, you need not worry about it.

hello. I am back too after a long while. I haven't posted much here. I hope to see more posts here