Finally CHILLKEY is on the GO !

Finally CHILLKEY is on the GO !

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Well I had been reading about CHILLKEY on Facebook from couple of months. I read about it everything before its launching. I know it well that CHILLKEY support Team has to work more to make it attractive and friendly to use.
It is my first post here. I don’t know how much money will my post earn. But I am sure that my post will not go into waste. Let’s see what happens with this brand new CHILLKEY.
Although it is my first post, I dislike to criticize but I want to suggest to CHILLKEY owners or support team that it would not be possible to post with 700 characters.
You need to keep it on 400 characters. As we have been seeing on other contents writing websites.
Process of payment is little bit confusing. I had not worked at such a website where I found such a way as CHILLKEY is introducing.
I want to tell you something about me here in my this first post. Professionally I am not writer. I am related to IT. But when I have some spare time I love to use it in productive things. That is why I have chosen content writing and writing has become my passion too.

So hope we are going to have good time here. i was also waiting for this site for many months.

lets join our hand to develop this site..welcome to this paltform...enjoy writing

yes its all over, stay bless thanks..................................................:) :)

I hope it will works very smoothly. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Keep it up.