Very low earning criteria, unable to satisfy :(

Very low earning criteria, unable to satisfy :(

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Hello to every one,
i hope that every one was fine and keep maintaining the hard working here in the #chillkey.........:)
just give your proper time here after this you able get your dreams come true if you able to successfully hard work here in this site,
other site i just think about this me unable to satisfy here because the rating of earning is too very low,
after giving of much time here but we are unable to successfully received the output our hard working,
i just have great appeal to all of the teams members of the site that please rate some extra earning of also the writing the post or also some little cents of the views,
i hope that they will able to understand our feelings,
hope for the best,
stay blessed all of you..............................!!

yeah right to some extent. Dude this is new site. Work and we are here to appreciate by like and comment :)

We are keen to increase the rate up to PKR 2/like,comment in future, it is just we are watching behavior of people, and to be very sorry we have notices too much spamming and plagiarized content. We need help from you people to identify such activity. Regards.

Impressive, thanks from mine side, we are also take part in this case to understands the peoples that they are not trying this :( we do we our best, thanks for your favourable answer..............:)

VariableInc, We all must consider it our duty to report spammers and plagiarist (or pirates) to the admin of the site if we want this site progressing.

right says good posting i like your thought have a nice day congratulation so nice idea for the team

yes thanks to all of you my dears, stay blessed...................................!!!