how to tag other people?

how to tag other people?

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hello every one how are you and i hope that you people are going well on chill key.
This is not very much advance website but good one to start. I am new user on chill key and here i just want to know that how we can tag other people in our posts or in our comments. Because it is the necessary this if we are telling something with pointing out.
So if any one of you old user know about this thing then let me know please and i'll be very thankful to you. Because it is good to know about everything of website.
Have a great day to all of you people and keep smiling have a good day.

I can't help you with the tag other people but if you want to point out someone's mistake or anything like that you can do that by sending them a private message ( if that feature is added now) or you can just comment on one of their posts.

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I am self new user,I more dont know about this site but you read the FAQ ,I think,where help you .have a nice day .