10 amazing facts regarding sex

10 amazing facts regarding sex

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1. Humans and dolphins, the world's only species that have sex for pleasure resort to their race.

2. If you are in the world, need to look at sexual activity, so it sits close to 100 million a day.

3. It is claimed that men on average once every seven seconds to think about sex.
4. In the US, one of the research showed that there is an average of the last three decades of male sperm count has declined by nearly thirty percent.

5. During sexual activity than men sweat more than women. In the physical structure of the women's bodies have the ability to control the water discharged.
6. The most sensitive part of the human body is the skin. In an average adult body weight is six pounds.

7. Sexual activity is costly. Such totally excited that an average woman during sex action from 70 to 120 calories per hour is spent. Burns 155 calories compared to a male 77.

8. Maybe interesting for you to know that kissing can reduce the rate of caries of teeth because the extra saliva helps to keep the mouth clean. A kiss for a minute can burn 26 calories.
9. a person's whole life can be added to the time spent to kiss ... so it fits 336 hours or 20,160 minutes. Can be said that the life that works for the entire 14 days.

10. For women, sexual intercourse is an effective pain killer Andomarfin secretion in the body, which is considered a powerful painkiller.

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