Job Interview

Job Interview

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It was a great day in my life as it was my first official interview I have ever attended in my whole life.
I was little nervous as it was my first job interview.
I knew nothing about the company and the field as a whole.
moreover , as it was a walking interview , many candidates appeared for it , which made me more sceptical about my chance of selection.
However I performed really well , I hope I ll get a call back real soon.
I was shortlisted after the main interview but I need to wait for more time to know everything about it.

There are a lot of things we must do and to prepare before going for an Interview.
I would like to provide a set of tips which can guide to who all are going to attend an interview in near future.
The first thing which we do is to assure success is demeanour.
The candidate must appear at an interview in a polite yet confident manner and in formal clothes.
The second important factor is to collect information about the organization the demands of job etc.
preparation is the only things which can feel better in an interview.

Regards. &roger350

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