Be careful, the virus to steal banking password Active

Be careful, the virus to steal banking password Active

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Cyber security authorities in the country of the Bank e-banking customers, such as ' worm ' virus said to be careful of who stole their confidential information and password that attacked them. This virus has been named the creekside and it is a member of the dangerous Trojan.

Computer emergency response team of India (CERT-in) has given this information in the latest consultation. It says, ' it has been found that is fast spreading malware creekside. Creekside is a e-banking Trojan to steal information that spreads via removable drives and different online banking, social media by targeting users names and passwords etc. steal them. ' Significantly, the CERT in the country to deal with hacking, phishing etc is the nodal agency

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Oh this is really very confusing news. I will remain careful. Is it effecting android devices too?

I think i do not to worry about stealing the passwords and other things, because i do not have any bank account :D.

Being careful is very important. We need to be vigilant nowadays because we really don't know when the suspects will attack

It is a critical issue which you describe and all of us care about it. Thanks for this news.