The Long Wait is Over

The Long Wait is Over

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Good day to all.

I have been following since November. When it was finally launched, I got excited and sad the same time. Excited because we can have another avenue to write and earn. I was excited because many people can join - when I learned at all. I was sad because it was not open to all - international users.

Now there's a good news! When I checked my facebook, I visited page, I was shaking because the site admin finally gave announcement that it is now available for everyone. So I jumped in and created my account. I read the terms and conditions.

Payment options are available to all Pakistani members but international users. I read that we can use WU or MoneyGram to request for payment. I have read the payment terms and I believe I am excited for what I have read here.

I was also looking at update on minimum number of characters/words per post because I was shocked it's 550 words. On Facebook page, the update was publish on January 29, the post length is now reduced to 550 characters. And below this box is the post requirements!

Finally, the long wait is over for us - international users. Thanks to the admin/owner.

By the way, I am nerdieeds from the Philippines.

Welcome to the site, may you have a very good time here, i think you should tell your fellow countrymen to come here who were waiting for this platform.

I welcome you here my friend on this amazing platform. Yes you will be paid through western union. Form more details please read FAQS and TOS.

Yes a great opportunity for writers to expand their thoughts and ideas on the web, thanks to admin of the site......

I am happy to have some views from a member that is from Philippines. We are going to learn a lot from your experience.

thanks for nice sharing ..this is real things in your post i really respect your words.................