Talking About Earning Site

Talking About Earning Site

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When it comes to earning sites. writing site is always on the roll. However this time, I have learned about other sites different from writing to paid sites.


It is about earning points via different categories. Submit questions, posts, articles, and reviews. Answer questions from other users or members is one feature. Points may vary from the activities you are doing. Points can be exchanged to Amazon or dollar.


This is another site that provides points for certain activities. We can answer polls, surveys, watch videos and other things but we can't submit post. Points can also be exchanged to amazon or dollar amount.

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Thanks for sharing with all of us! I will check both of these websites myself! Thanks again!

Jaffy - have you checked the sites? I hope you were able to check and participate

thank you for sharing nice information. can you tell me this website pay you ?? reply me