What is the future of Pakistani Cricket Team?

What is the future of Pakistani Cricket Team?

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I am disappointed with the performance of current Pakistani cricket team, and I think it was just by chance that they made it possible to reach quarter finals of the ICC cricket world cup 2015.

In my opinion we must select a team for a long time (at least one year) and should not drop down the players due to some poor performance as dropping them after each match is not a better policy.

We should consult Pakistani coaches for our team. We can consider Wasim Akram, Mohammad yousaf for this purpose. We cannot afford foreign players as coaches.

You all points are valid dear, but I would like to add some points: 1) Team players should be penalized for dropping catches, miss fielding and throwing their wickets. 2) Players should obey Captain's order in the ground...

i am appriciating you on this awesome post but as i think about future of pakistan cricket team it will bright