We have to take risks all the time

We have to take risks all the time

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We have to take risks all the time. Even if you want to cross some road, you will have to take some risk. So, you cannot avoid risks.

You can say risks are the part of our life. Life is the second name for risk.

Some people love taking risks and they increase their chances of winning in this sway.

These people are more likely to get success in their lives. But some people are reluctant to take risk and they face failures and defeats in their lives.

So, I would recommend you to take risks in your lives if you want to prosper.


Very good and nice post.keep it up. Yes right risk is the second name of life. Life is full of taking risk. sometimes dealers take risk when other are dealing with other party. Sometimes doctors take risk to save the life.

as the saying goes, high risk, high profit --- which is correct. we can risk much to get the desired goal

Yes dear you are absolutely right because if you did't take risk then you would be do nothing so keep risk in life....

hmm nice topic dear, there is no any doubt, life is a series of calculated risk ( Life=Risk)

Yes exactly, risk is sometimes very helpful as it may give you unlimited success and those things which we were not expecting. Life is full of surprises.

You are quite right no one can be at the height of success without taking risks.