K.P.K Government had realized the serious issue

K.P.K Government had realized the serious issue

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It seems that the Khyber Pukhtunkhah Government (K.P.K) had realized the serious issue and they are considering planting more and more trees in the province.

They are going to involve the school going kids in the very process. Every student will plant a tree and will place his name on the tree.

I think the government is taking the right step in the right direction. We are cutting the trees and messing up with the environment.

We cannot afford messing with our nature as it will ruin our life.

Rest of the provinces must follow K.P.K govt and plant more and more trees.


This is a great idea as we know what authorities of Dubai did in their region. It was desert with high temperature but now because of tree the temperature is down and there are more rains too ...

It is a great move and other provinces should also follow this example. Trees clean the air and prevent floods.

KPK is the hotspot region in pakistan , we should protect our nature by sustainable utilization.