I use KEROSINE oil Stove in my kitchen

I use KEROSINE oil Stove in my kitchen

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We are suffering from severe gas load shedding in Pakistan. The gas load shedding has increased our dependence on other sources like Kerosine oil. You can see such type of stove in the picture above this post).

Using this type of stove is very dangerous as it has killed a lot of newly married girls in Pakistan and India where someone just tampers with the settings of this very stove and a tragedy happens.

Although my family members do check this stove on daily basis and assure that it is safe to use but I am afraid of this stove and cannot get rid of the fear associated with it.

Hope the things are changed in Pakistan and we are once again able to start using sui gas in this year.

(Image is mine)

I hope our energy crisis will soon be over. We have a lot of natural gas in Pakistan still our people are suffering. People are burning wood and coal. Its a good thing that where I live there is no load shedding of gas. Though after every 3 hours load shedding of light for an hour.

nice post.Keep it up bother. I also hoped things will be better in Pakistan and all crisis will be resolved.