Homeopathic medicines are economical, effective and reliable

Homeopathic medicines are economical, effective and reliable

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I was not feeling well and was suffering from some severe sort of fever. I was even unable to move my head as it was causing severe pain in my head.

So, that was the reason why I did not post articles here in last two or three days.

I took some homeopathic medicines (after consulting a homeopath) and by the grace of Allah I am all right now.

Homeopathic medicines reversed all the symptoms in just one day. I am proud to say that these medicines are economical, effective and reliable.


Homeopathic medicine are good, but some homeopathic doctor are not good, because the sell their medicine and don't know how to use these medicine.

Moreover someone told me that these medicines do not have their side effects is it right?

i also believe in homeopathic medicines because they are more better that other medicines

@ArshadNiazi, Yes, these medicines are safe and carrying no side effects. but be sure to use single homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic medicine are are also chemical either they are extract from plant or some other ways they are also chemical, these medicine have side effect but their side effect are less than that of pharmaceutical medicines.