Easy Paisa offering Solar Panels

Easy Paisa offering Solar Panels

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I am relying on a U.P.S as electricity back up but I am not satisfied with its performance. U.P.S and generator is not a suitable option to counter the troubles caused by electricity load shedding, so I am trying to buy some solar panel.

U.P.S and generator are not cheap options and both consume a lot of money.

EasyPaisa (Tameer bank) is offering a solar panel set with some cheap price and I may consider their offer. Its price is Rs.24000 and it will provide a back up for 3 pedistal fans and 3 Led bulbs.


I have no experience of UPS or generator because I am living in place where there is no loadshedding. Anyways solar energy is the cheapest energy source we must focus on that on national bases.