Chillkey[dot][com] belongs to PAKISTAN. Amazing news

Chillkey[dot][com] belongs to PAKISTAN. Amazing news

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It is a great news for all of us (Pakistanis) that the owners of belong to our beloved country (Pakistan). I was amazed to know this fact. The owners of Chillkey are from Khyber Pukhtun Khah, Pakistan. So, I can say Chillkey is a Pakistani product and it is our duty to promote it by sharing it with our friends and relatives.

I must appreciate these young guys who got a nice idea instead of getting disappointed. These guys are providing us with a plat form where we can earn revenue by writing and sharing short articles.

Chillkey is very attractive and easy to use. The admin here is improving it day by day. And it is just a start. One day Chillkey would be a famous site of the world.

Okay, but does ChillKey also accept members from the USA? I am from the USA. Do we get paid or not? Just wondering.

Yes you are right. It is our responsibility to promote it as much as we can. The admin here is good too and yeah one day Chillkey will be world famous.

I was amazed and also impressed. Congrats to the young admins and I hope this site flourishes. At the moment, it needs lots of work especially FAQs and photos/images used need to be given proper credit.

Though I from India, I must say that it nice to see such an attractive site from my brother country.