Chilkey announced a great feature on 4th march 2015

Chilkey announced a great feature on 4th march 2015

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Chillkey administration added a new feature to the site on 4th march 2015. But it seems that the members were so busy in ICC cricket World Cup 2015 that they never noticed such a great change.

Chillkey has added a MESSAGING service on the forum and now all the Chillkey members can communicate with each other through this messaging service.

This service was awaited by all the members.
Now we can talk with our friends in a more convenient way.

I liked this service a lot and consider it as a positive change from the side of admin.

Image is my own

Hey, thanks for sharing this. I saw this just now and I tried the messaging service. I hope to get respond to the person I messaged.

yup brother that is so nice for c.k user they can intaract with each other and is feature is so nice thanks for c.k team for lunching this new one and dont forget me thanks for sharing.