An example of bad governance in Pakistan

An example of bad governance in Pakistan

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Prime minister Nawaz Sharif ordered to decrease prices of petroleum products in Pakistan some days ago.

Obviously he did this with an intention to provide Pakistani people with some relief as it was the need of the hour. It was a good news for all of us but unfortunately this was followed by a bad news.

The bad news is this that our finance minister is thinking to increaes the rate of sales tax on petroleum products in upcoming days. If this happens, this decision will neutralize the positive effects of the previous decision and would be really a bad thing for all of us.

It will carry negative effects and would be a great example of bad governanace in Pakistan. Hope this does not happen.

They do not like but now they are forced due to the public and PTI pressure. Now they will have to.

Yeah nawaz sharif is sincere in providing relief...what is problem in our people...we see every thing with suspicious eyes!...if they are increasing sales tax...then this must be a must thing or economic need....

They are trying to provide the service but don't know why they are not able to do that. keep on working