A True Heart , Loyal wife Talks with and pray from GOD

A True Heart , Loyal wife Talks with and pray from GOD

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Dear LORD...!!!!!
I lift up my heart to you. In your word you mention that as a wife i suppose to submit to my husband. Please show me how this is suppose to look in my Marriage. Holy spirit I invite you to transform my heart and help me to submit as you have called me to. I pray I can be diligent in this area and respect your word and my husband. Submission can be so difficult because it require humility , some thing my flesh does not like.
So I ask for your character to consume my heart and change me so that I can submit to my husband and allow him to lead in GOD's name . And do put all the qualities in him which i want internally he is be loyal to religion pay respect to his and my parents as well as creatures of GOD. Be a perfect Son , brother , Father and Husband ....AMEEN

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Thank you so much Mohammad Waseem Abbass if you friends are with me than what should i want from GOD

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