Why is administration not blocking spammers

Why is administration not blocking spammers

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There are many questions in my mind and I guess other users also want to enquire...

1: you CHILLKEY ADMINISTRATION don't you know about the spammers???? Why are you not blocking them this is unjust with people who are interested but because of those a**h**** they are getting paid very less even after working very very hard..

2: why aren't you updating the site features? ??

3:when are we going to earn more than 1 or 2 rupees for each comment and like.

4:why are you not paying us for posting??? its in best intrest for both.. for you and for us

Comment: you CHILLKEY ADMINISTRATION please introduce some new features to attract people and if you are worried about spammers you can simply block them people are retrieving back they are losing intrest by very much amount...do something for yourselves and for us!!!

Mujtaba bro. this new web let us give some more time to see how the things work.

these are reallyy serious issues the administration should b realy worried about these this the 1st pakistani site i am happy about that but u should b more concernd

thanks for your post mujtaba, we have eye on the people who are spamming. are the people who work hard and spam are equal ? No ofcourse no. we are just giving them chance to as they are our pakistani members. so don't get confused, if you are writing good then you will be rewarded good.

Its a new website. Its going to take some time. I see a lot less spammers now then a week before.