Again New Site - Best Of luck Chillkey!!!

Again New Site - Best Of luck Chillkey!!!

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Hi there,
I think I know many members of this site..... because many of us came from Bubblews ( Bubblews is a site which give us money to write anythings but now they are doing really bad with their members)
I read about staff of this site and they also came from bubblews because they didn't pay them so Chillkey staff decided to open this site and now it's in the air.

I sign up moments ago here and my impression are in this site -
- Site is easy to understand for everyone.
- Layout is very simple and user friendly.
- Payout system is bank transfer I guess.
- Our earning currency is Pakistani Rs which is low then our Indian Currency.
- We can share out post in many social networking site which is a plus point.
- We will got paid for every view/comment/like... I am still finding how much it will in my local currency.

Overall site is good and I am understanding it more and hope this site will rock the stage and be with us for really long.....

Best of luck to Chillkey and hope member of this site will do there great and make this community more and more great.......


yeah ,, it is nice site .. but improvement required ... i hope it will be best/./.

Hello! Nice to meet you here. You look familiar to me since we are connected with each other. I was also member of Bubblews way back before. :)