Chillkey experience after 1st post!

Chillkey experience after 1st post!

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My second post on chillkey and after seeing result of my first post I am interested to work on it and to enjoy my 3 to 4 hours connected with the chillkeys in the future.As at that time no much users here on the chillkey and I am hopeful if they go with he same rate of revenue or something above from the present revenue they will succeeded to attract more users and finally they will enable to make a good site.

My first post could only mange to earn 3 rupees and it has almost 40 views and 3 likes and if i see my Bubblews carrier then I concluded that on the Bubblews after getting 100 views and likes I succeeded to earn 1 dollar and I am expected that here on the chillkeys if I get almost 50 likes then I will be able to earn 0.3 dollars and it will be good revenue in my opinion and also their payment method is so easy.

Is there not anyone to like or comment and to share experiences of its own about chillkey

you are great writter.... you are realy master mind,,,keep it chillkey properly.....

Chillkey is a new platform and it will take some time to improve. So you don't need get disappoint.