How could you

How could you

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I didn't want to see you get hurt I know what he's like
I didn't want you to get into trouble
It's not my fault I was trying to protect you!!

It doesn't make it okay
Everything you do
You brought his family into it..
They hit me in the face

I just wanted to talk to you and you dogged me
Five against one there was no way I was going to win..
Were you wanting to get me smashed
Have you lost all respect for the people in the world??

But I’m ok.. Not liked you'd care..
But when you realize that he's not all that
I’m not going to be there.
I stood by you through thick an thin
And this is how I get repaid thank you!!

I don't even know why I try
Try to be your friend

You treat me like sh+t
What happened
We used to be tight
Hung out every day

The reason we're split
Over a guy!

hi friends say something about my post. does this post is good or not...... thanks