Hey This is my first post.

Hey This is my first post.

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Hey all, It is nice and fine to know there is a good and fine way of earning for all those in Pakistan. It always brings good joy and happiness if you know that there few things denied (say it be Paylpal or some other website which is first of this kind which denied payments for the hardwork put up by the pakistani men and women(writing and not getting paid. Lets get on with what I think of Chillkey.com. It is has got a wonderful and lovely outlook from the outset just like other paid to write sites and a good options such as notifications, messages and further more to make it profitable for better interactions. I am still looking out for the faq page here to know about what is the minimum thrashhold for payments and all. Kindly share your thoughts on that.

nice dear..keep it up....plzz view and like my post............................i will wait...

Welcome to this website! I hope you enjoy it here on Chillkey. the minimum payout is Rs. 200. I hope chillkey becomes the best of the best!

I am from the USA but I am happy to see other countries getting into sites like this. The world needs more of them. This would mean that earning sites would be more global.