3 techniques needed to use creative visualization

3 techniques needed to use creative visualization

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To use the unlimited power of the Law of Attraction, the use of creative visualization is invaluable.

Here are three rules to use creative visualization.
Creative Visualization: writing.

To do this, you simply write on a sheet or even better on a small notebook all want to do, have and be in your vie.Et this in all areas, do not limit yourself and do not worry about how it will happen .

Work: get the job of your dreams or create your company.
Health: Lose weight, quit smoking, become a sports champion.
Financial condition become financially independent.
Material acquisitions: House, car, motorcycle etc ...
Self Improvement: Speaking a foreign language, news, public speaking, overcome your shyness.
Love and family relationships.

Positive affirmations.

The practice of creative visualization requires the use of powerful positive affirmations. And for that, there are basic rules to follow. The first is to always use this.

And then still use the affirmative, because your subconscious does not include negations. And if you think "I do not want to lose my job." Your subconscious systematically eliminates "no" and the result you will end up unemployed.

Then, for this to be accepted at the subconscious level, the use of the progressive form avoids conflict and rejection.

Here are some positive affirmations in the present:

I earn € 3,000 per month.
I live in a big house.
I manage everything I do.
I am in excellent health.

It is true that for some, it is difficult to accept. To do this, use the progressive affirmative. And for this, just use the formula of Emile COUE:

"Every day in every way I am getting better and better" and adapt it to your assertions. This gives:

My health is improving day by day.
The abundance comes to me more and more.
I get more and more money each year.
My relationship is improving constantly.

Creative Visualization: relaxation.

It is essential to prepare for a creative visualization session. And for this, arrange a quiet place in your home where you will have the certainty of having tranquility. Notify your surroundings and turn off your phones. Now, here you are in good conditions to realize your creative visualization session.

Once you are fully relaxed, creating the most accurate mental picture as possible of what you want. For maximum result with creative visualization, you must be like a producer who made a film by feeling all the sensations, smells, emotions.

The difference is that it was you who led entirely, then you can do whatever you want. Imagine the perfect location with a nice house, a good job, a loving and family life filled with happiness. A life where you have everything you want! Do not limit yourself, do not ask questions, live this ideal situation with more emotion possible.