Which are your Semi Finalist Team of the WC 2015

Which are your Semi Finalist Team of the WC 2015

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Good afternoon boys of chillkey land. My question to you all which are your semi finalists teams in this world cup.
Well if there will not be a bad day for these three teams they are surely semi finalists.
1. Australia
2. India
3. New Zealand
You may think differently but in my view these teams are capable of this as they showed in the matches. These teams played fabulous cricket really. If no bad luck I would love to support New Zealand.
Now I am hanging around for the fourth team.
Pakistan (No I don't think so), South Africa have a little chance but how they outplayed by the Indians they might not be able to recover from this. England, hmm may be a very good line up but not impressive on the ground.
This time I will go for Ireland......... laughing? No need to laugh dear this team is very dangerous just wait and see what they will show to the world.

After recent performance of our team I am no more interested in cricket. I even do not like to think about it.

@ArshadNiazi this is passion of cricket this nation have. Really heat breaking performance from green shirts.

I don agree with you as I don't see Ireland in semi finals. But who knows what is going to happen.