Summer Has Arrived as Hell for Pakistanis

Summer Has Arrived as Hell for Pakistanis

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Asslam o Alekum to all dear chillkey fellows, our Pakistani fellows will not seen online as I was offline for some days again. But this time because of a major reason as we all Pakistanis know. Summer has arrived and we are already short of 5000 MW electricity here in Pakistan. Here in my area from 9 am to till 5 pm we have only 1 hour of electricity. It a pity for us but now new as we all know that we will have to bear it for next 8 months in bulk. As we are facing this hell in winter too. In last summer specially in Month of Ramazan we had faced up to 22 hours of blasting electricity load shedding with 50 degree hot. We are not human I think as our upper class thinks. Shame for the Govt of Pakistan, shame for the people of Pakistan as we as we elected them and pushed them to Assemblies.

I am also busy and away from online activities. Insha Allah we will see good times. Next time people will elect the right people.

It is hard to bear temperature reaching 50 C. I hop this time the things are changed.

Welcome back! Yes it blazing hot in summers which sucks as hell! The heat is almost killing people but its good that their are cooling methods.