Poor Fielding From Pakistani Fielders

Poor Fielding From Pakistani Fielders

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Very Good early morning to all chillkey land lovers. Some of you must be watching Pakistan vs West Indies Cricket Match as I am watching and all of you must be feeling down what Pakistani fielders are doing in the middle. Four catches dropped by the Green Shirts. Nasir Jamshaid, Shaid Afridi (dropped 2) Umar Akmal. One more thing I would like to mention that is umpiring. Level of umpiring always gets down in Pakistani match. Never the less "expected" if you have India at the top. And you will have to bear it more as these big (pig) three will be on top we will go down further. Now the fielding is helping the opposition for a big target. More bad selection of the team playing with four bowlers and no al-rounder and the fifth bowler is pounding by the windies. I am expecting over 300 here.

My friend due to this all I do not watch cricket any more. This is all unbearable for me.

@ArshadNiazi I agree with you dear, its all heart breaking for Pakistani cricket lovers.................

I was expecting the same poor performance from Pakistani team. Nothing unexpected for me.