Pakistan vs India a Big ONE

Pakistan vs India a Big ONE

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Pakistan have played their first ODI against India on October 1st, 1978 in which India beat Pakistan. It is always inserting when Pakistan meets with India in cricket gerunds. These two teams are called arch revivals and yes they are.
Pakistan have played 126 ODI matched with India and have high upper hand as a whole as Pakistan have won 72 of them and India have won 50 and four of them finished no results.
But in all cricket world cup match India have beaten Pakistan in all of them really interesting statistics in this sector. Another encounter is going to start today in 1 hour and 15 minutes or so. Looking forward for it.

Its an interesting match. Many would like to see the winning streak break right? its 5-0. Let is be 5-1 this time ? It would be just great to have happy faces.

Today start world cup,its first match pakistan vs india running the match its amazing the watching .

Pakistan is on the heavy side but now India seems to be getting on the heavier side. balance is going to favour them.