PTCL The only Option we have....

PTCL The only Option we have....

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Asslam o Alekum to all all on chillkey, have a chill time ahead.
We in Pakistan are mostly using PTCL Broadband services for internet. There are lots of questions about Service of PTCL here. Well, there are other services available in big cities like:
brain net etc etc. But here in my hometown we have only one internet service provider company that is PTCL. I was not online for the last 3 days because of hurdle in my internet services. My internet was cut down because of non-payment of the bill of Rs.6060. It was because I did not receive the bill for the last three months and exactly when I received the bill my connection was cut by the PTCL authorities. I think it was not my fault I have called them for bill but this is Pakistan you had to do it yourself here otherwise you have to face like this.

Now I heard that PTCL Broad brand is also not unlimited and they applied the volume limit. I am from Faisalabad and after having a lot of issues with PTCL EVO Wingle now finally I am using Wi-Tribe. Although wi-tribe is costly but have no other option...

Yes Muhammad Waheed Iqbal, their limit is 300 GB and yet you will have to pay over 1600 rupees for this with 1mb speed.

You can collect your bills online too. I think Ptcl is not a better option. I am using wi-tribe and satisfied.