On our way to Lahore

On our way to Lahore

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Asslam o alekum to you all, it was long break for me on chillkey. I hope you all my fellows and followers are in good health by the grace of Almighty.
On Sunday 8th of March me with my family visited Lahore. We were use to travel on APV. But unfortunately there was no APV available at point. Oh its really hard to travel in a bus or coach with family specially if you have young children with you. But it was very necessary to move there too. Got three tickets (250 each) and move forward. But when we reached Babu Sabu interchange the traffic was blocked for some unknown reasons. So we all had to get off the coach and cover some distance on foot then took a rickshaw for Allama Iqbal Town.
It took over 4 hours to reach home in Lahore.

What was the starting point of your journey? As I guess you are from K.P.K, Pakistan.

walaikum assalam wa rahmatullah, yes we are fine by the grace of almighty ALLAH,I have heard about lahore in pakistan, nice to know your home is there

@HighMark No brother my starting point was Haveli Lakha District Okara. It is also over 225 Km away from Lahore.........

@Shohana No dear my home is not in Lahore I visited Lahore because I want to meet a doctor to check my elder son.......