How "Astaghfaar" is necessary for us.

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Dear chillkey fellows, in a Hadees e Pak Hazrat Ayesah Siddiqa r.a said to Aqa Kareem s.a.w.w, "Why You always recite "Astaghfaar", Muhammad s.a.w.w replied, me too wants to be a more loving person of Allah.
Allah has created us weak and we are likely to make mistakes. So Allah has allowed us to seed forgiveness (Astaghfar). Astaghfar is very important in Islam so constantly turning to Allah for forgiveness of our sins. Allah says us to repeat it daily.
Allah says in Surah Nisaa. "And seed forgiveness of Allah. Indeed, Allah is ever forgiving and Merciful."
Now you all just see the featured picture and read what is written there. Try to act of it Allah will reward you according to His Powers and Blessings.