Disadvantages of Shampoo

Disadvantages of Shampoo

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Hello dear friends most people here on this world use shampoo regularly on hear to make their hair more healthier, dandruff free, long and shining but friends this is all temporary. If you go to search the history you will find most people with full hair on their head. All long shining and strong, hence there were no shampoo in those days.
Think over it.
We have different kinds of shampoos in the marker and we are wasting thousands of rupees on it still not getting the desired result. My sweet friends these shampoos are much harmfully to our hair in long run. These are making you blade, creating dandruff into your head and we are loosing our hairs.
More it makes our eye sight weaker and makes our memory useless. List is very long of disadvantages of shampoo so please friends avoid to use it.

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Some shampoos are really dangerous and we should promote natural or herbal products.