Another School in Haveli Lakha

Another School in Haveli Lakha

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Asslam o Alekum to all my dear brothers and sisters here on chillkey.
Friends my homeland is not a big area it a town only not a city. Its population is just around 1,40,000. We have already,
1. The Educators
2. The Knowledge
3. Allied School
4. D.P.S
5. one more I am unable to remember the name.
These five are top private schools here more here are many Govt Schools are here too.
Now we have another school system here named "The Smart School". Its known as city system of schools.
The competition is on here every one is doing his best to gain more students to recover more money. People are investing in this section and earning because this is business now.
It seems there will be more school here in future.

This is a good to know information. Glad to know that investments are being focus on school and education

It is good you are having a lot of variety in this regard. Hope the school provides better services.

great information thanks for this post sir i am very glad to read your post....please share same posts with us....