ٰIncrease in Income and Blessings in Income

ٰIncrease in Income and Blessings in Income

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Asslamo Alekum dear brothers and sisters here is another piece for you. People are unhappy and upset about their income, say we earn enough but there is no blessed income now a days. Borrowers are in search for you here and there and there is hide and seek between you and them. Don't worry this is for you just try this and make habit of it, do it regularly and Allah will bless you with his divine powers.
After saying two "Sunnah" of Fajar prayer recite name of Allah "Ya Wahabu" 100 times and then complete your Fajar prayer saying two Faraz. Now recite 100 times "Surah Ikhlaas".
Repeat this for minimum of forty (40) days. By Willing of Almighty you will see blessed (barkat) into your income.
Do it regularly and remember me in your prayers.

Islamic wazaif are very effective and working. Indeed Islam can solve all of our problems.

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