How to manage your social media profile and avoid spam ( Part 2 )

How to manage your social media profile and avoid spam ( Part 2 )

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Security Factor
As two – third of the internet users are also using different social websites on daily basis and thus everyone is aware of the importance of privacy for their social accounts. So the most important thing to remember while maintaining your personal or professional profile is to manage the accessibility of your personal information and professional identities. It is completely in your hand to make your activities and updates publicly available or you may limit them up to the specific list of people with whom you want to share your details.

Avoiding Spams:
Spammers are the greatest threat for social media sites. Spam is an inventive and user friendly link available on these sites which are clicked by thousands of users easily on daily basis. This is how spams enters to your profile and automatically download a file containing virus which can harm any software or hardware of user’s computer. Sometimes it may hack your account by accessing login information.

Social sites have their own tools for reporting online against the spam and this is best thing you can do with them. Whenever you find any suspected link on your profile, do report immediately by pressing the report spam button available on almost all the social media sites.

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