Basic Facts About Ebola Virus Disease ( Part 3)

Basic Facts About Ebola Virus Disease ( Part 3)

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Are public coming to Canada from the precious countries being screened?

Yes. Although there are no nonstop flights to Canada from the precious countries, anybody travelling to Canada from one of the precious countries is being going to to a quarantine official at the airport for an obligatory health appraisal.

These persons will also be followed strongly by narrow Public physical condition or a quarantine executive until they are no longer at danger of rising Ebola virus infection. There are figures of mechanism in position to discover persons who have traveled to areas of worry as soon as they enter the region.

What are the Symptoms?

Symptoms of Ebola virus infection may emerge everywhere from two to twenty one days after exposure to virus. They normally include:
• sudden onset of fever
• extreme weakness
• muscle hurting
• headache
• sore throat
• sickness
• diarrhea
• skin complaint
• impaired kidney and liver function
• in some cases, both inside and outside bleeding

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