Basic Facts About Ebola Virus Disease ( Part 2)

Basic Facts About Ebola Virus Disease ( Part 2)

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Who is at risk of getting Ebola virus infection?

The probability of a case in Nova Scotia is extremely little. If there is a case, people who have defenseless contact to the patient’s blood and corpse fluid would be mainly at danger.

Nova Scotia is prepared with protocol, tools and guidance for workers in the fitness structure who would be concerned in helping manage a case. Meticulously subsequent correct disease avoidance and manage protocol will keep fitness care staff secure.

Where are the outbreaks of Ebola virus infection?

There are Ebola virus infection outbreaks in the West African countries of Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone. The community healthiness Agency of Canada has issued travel advisories for these countries.

Ebola is a dangerous virus. Why is the disease out breaking in Africa? Any reason behind it?