FanBox Mission

FanBox Mission

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Hi dear friends

Now I want to share with your FanBox mission as you know already In my previous post I introduce FanBox is a social experiment. Now you learn what is FanBox mission.

FanBox's mission is to " Uplift Humanity by Enabling Opportunity" becoming the world's first democratic Social Networking site, an online community for the people, by the people. FanBox shares all of its revenue with its users based on their contributions to the community.

The FanBox mission is something that cannot be achieved unless all of the users of FanBox are working together to achieve the goals that have been set forth.

Because this is a team effort, we need to be cognizant of our actions al all time and realize how it may affect the experience all of the other users.

So for those think FanBox is just earning site and we get cash from it like ATM machine they are wrong FanBox has a mission and want Uplift the Humanity.

I made an account on fanbox 2 years back. In last year decemeber I finally deleted it... REason? I don't understand how it works.