My First Journey in Chillkey

My First Journey in Chillkey

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Hello there my fellow bloggers! Oh yes, it is my first day here in Chillkey and this is my first post. A warmth welcome for myself here in this site. Since I am new here, I don’t know what I will call with my fellow members here.

Just like other members here, I am also a member of bubblews. As I looked on the internet this morning, trying to find a bubblews like site I came up with this site – Chillkey. I read a good review about the site and I saw that there are already lots of members here. I hope I can also have great time writing just like the other members.

Today, I am taking my first step on my journey in writing. It is not easy to look for a site like this that really pays. I admit that money really play a great role in our life. Sometimes, we can say that every move we take we need money.

I have been writing and registering in many other sites like this but it seems I still didn't find a good one. I hope this site will last longer that the other site. For me, writing is also fun. It is also my way of expressing my feeling and hasten my English grammar. Weeew, 5,000 maximum characters in a post seems very long for an article. Well, maybe this long article will be worth it.

Good day!