Leaders make nation

Leaders make nation

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Leaders make nation, a famous quote, used most often around us, to blame others, to prepare for a new soothe bath in rest and leisure without thinking of others for others from our self. The fact that the nation does not progress never lies in a thought that the person who lead is responsible. I have read about the nations who choose a man and make him best, a lion, a real strong brave and encouraging man who has the abilities to lead and prepare his nation to lead. Work with devotion, thoughts with action, personality with exhibition, attitude with expression, loyal with dispersion, the way you react, the way you feel, the way you think for your nation really matters and the thing that does not matter at all is hopelessness.

Your thinking is appreciable, Here I would like to say leaders make the nation and then nation makes that leader the real reader.

I think when you become a leader. You lead your people but that doesn't mean you decide what to do for them. It means that the people decide what their leader should do.

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Indeed correct words. Leaders always play a vital role for the nation .... nice post....